The back story

It was year 2008. People were loosing jobs. Pays were cut. The economy was in a poor condition. We took one look around and asked “How are we going to build this business and get our name out there?”

As a start-up we could only get small jobs, which turned out to be a blessing. We knew that if we would provide a good service at a competitive price, we could have expectations of success.

We were fair and honest and the customers kept coming back. The quality we offered was exceptional, enhancing our reputation and opening the door to new opportunities.

In 2010, for example, Kelkin Ltd. hired us to do some painting at its premises at Crosslands Industrial Park in Dublin. That’s how we landed our first larger account. There was definitely a sense of uplift when that happened.

Over the years we learned a great deal about working on such projects, and gained considerable confidence along the way. It gave us the credibility to land other such projects in the future.